Participate in cash-prized challenges on virtually any game! “Play to earn” democratized and made accessible to web2 and web3 game developers so that they can focus on what they do best: making amazing games.



Prized video game competitions is a model that has been proven to work tremendously well in the web2 industry. This model includes anything from big tournaments to casual 1v1 wagered challenges. At Ludex, we believe that blockchain & smart contracts are the natural evolution for this model as everything on chain is fully transparent, secure and often community driven. “Ludex challenge APIs” allow developers to add any sort of mini game challenges with a monetary twist to their own game. With this system, Ludex aims to facilitate play to earn mechanics to any game developer whether they are on or off chain.

We’ve decided to make our proof of concept by developing an NFT minigame: QTbotz. The very first official Ludex powered game. This game allows us to test and develop our Ludex challenge APIs and game resolution SDKs. It also serves as a self funding mechanism to finance the development of this ambitious project.

If you want to be part of this incredible journey and want to support us, go mint your QTbot!

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